Life's a pretty precious...

Life's a pretty precious...

Monday, 31 October 2016

(the other) Liz x2, Hats and Hikes...

(the other) Liz x2

A passion for Dance, Theatre, The Arts, The Bush and Nature, Outrageous fun,  Creative dressing and more, cemented a fabulous friendship of nearly 30 years between (the other) Liz and (the other) Liz

from the dressing room a long time ago...time and feathers... the stage...
one of our favourite productions we worked in together was Worn To The Edge, a performance extravaganza of textile art...incredible hats, clothes....including work by Australian artists Greer Taylor and Gretel Pinniger who are still producing brilliant art today...

The stunning works of  wearable art  in Greer's link below

Gretel Pinninger's brilliant, outrageous costumes are still brilliant and outrageous

It's always a creative event when the two of us are together. Once we met on the moving walkway up to a shopping centre and had a 10 minute conversation, me on the down side, (the other) Liz on the up side...why get off!! Grands jetés across pedestrian crossings...the quote on my birthday card this year from (the other) Liz:

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere" 
Albert Einstein

Champagne, coffee, feasting...

I am blessed to have such a talented, intelligent, unique, beautiful (in every way) friend as I have in (the other) Liz...always an individual...

"Why fit in...when you were born to stand out!" 
(the front of my birthday card)

Festivals, Theatre, Art Exhibitions,  
Book launches, Shopping, Picnics...and our famous Hikes

In 2010 we tackled the Syndicate Track which follows the old tramway up the escarpment from the Bellinger Valley
  One of the most ambitious ‘ ‘pine lines’ was the Syndicate tramway, used to transport hoop pine down the mountainside north of Dibbs Head to Gleniffer between 1912 and 1928. The onset of World War One and completion of the railway to Dorrigo in 1924, followed by the Depression, all combined to bring this grand scheme to a close. However, tramway relics remain as mute sentinels of the pioneer era on the Syndicate Ridge Walking Track in Dorrigo National Park.

It takes about 7 hours hard climbing to get to the top. We hadn't organised a vehicle to pick us up and had to turn around to make it down before dark...
So when (the other) Liz suggested we try to join our two hikes together when she visited me in Bello a few weeks ago...

...retro shorts discovered in a Bello shop on a previous visit, perfect for hiking on a gorgeous spring morning (held up with a belt I passed on to her a couple of years ago), famous rooster T shirt...the beginning of the walk

The $1 hat! Reversible too! I left my hat at home, we dropped in to the Dorrigo Vinnies and there, with my name on, was the perfect hiking companion...

 The Bellinger Valley and beyond to the Pacific Ocean from Lanes Lookout

Props...stage shoot

The Old Bull Wheel! We found it! We did it! 
The whole of Syndicate Track Walk...even if it took 6 years 

Ageing Fabulously! 

Linking to

Thanks for coming with me and (the other) Liz on the Syndicate Track Walk...
 Now I see there's a big white space (another big walk!) between here and the comments section...I really appreciate your comments and 
understanding of my unintended overabundance of 
white space!



  1. Now that's what I call a girls' day out! What a gorgeous walk shared by two beautiful souls.
    There must be something about Lizs and lone friendships. I've been mates with mine for 45 years! xxx

    1. 45 years friendship with your friend Liz, wonderful! Big day out, always fun! I notice that you almost have to do a big day out walk to get to the comments section of this post - whole lot of white space which I now can't get rid of, probably courtesy of the bit at the bottom which was in twice - and now deleted. The extra joys of blogging!! But thanks heaps for taking that long walk to the bottom of the page, Vix. Hope your week is going beautifully. xx

  2. The joy of friendship can never be underestimated and you have shared this beautifully. Shared interests , shared memories and a love of the outdoors , I can see why you have so much fun together.

    1. Thank you, Jill, so pleased you enjoyed the story. xx

  3. Argh! My comment just got eaten. Nevermind.

    Lasting true friendships are so important in life and so very hard to find.

    Funny that you have the same name.

    Your hike sounds quite gruelling but the view is spectacular.


    1. Hi Suzanne, Thanks heaps for going a second round after the "comments gremlins" ate your comment!!
      I know, funny how we have the same name (our husbands were the ones who started (the other) Liz thing, and it's stuck. True friendships are so very hard to find and I am fortunate to be able to say I have two very true and close ones (Caro in the previous blog as well as the other Liz) and some true ones who are not so close but are always there. The first hike (2010) was very gruelling but this year's not so - not suitable for pugs though :) xx

    2. Well, well, my first reply and the second - which, I see, I didn't duplicate very well!!! both came up. :)

  4. Ha Ha! My reply to you, Suzanne, just got eaten by the comments gremlims!! Thanks heaps for writing your comment again!
    True friendships are so very hard to find and when you find them, they need to be nurtured, particularly when we live a long way apart. Our husbands started (the other) Liz thing a long time ago and it's stuck, just as we've stuck as great friends. The first hike (2010) was pretty gruelling but this year's not so bad - although not pug material! xx

  5. The hats showcasing your friendship journey from the Clock hat, to the Cone hat, to the $1 hat are nearly, but not quite, as great as the smiles on your face! Thank you for participating in Hat Attack!

  6. Thank you, Judith, I do love and appreciate your comments. The Clock Hat was pretty magnificent, the Balinese hat still quirky and useful (I wore it today) and the $1 hat...not quite up there with the others but I believe it's how you wear the hat that counts! Thank you, as always, for your own fabulous blog, Instagram photos and for hosting Hat Attack. Elizabeth xx